hey! you found me!

welcome to the secret part of our site. if you found this, well done! i (ollie, the site's other programmer) have hidden this part of the site from our regular viewers! i've enjoyed working on this site, and i hope you enjoyed finding this part of it, as well as admiring my hours of work. shout out to noah too. he did the original index.html for the site. i just,,, did the rest.

this site's a fuckin spaghetti code mess.
but i love it.
and now, a couple of messages, from yours truely.

fuck abusers.

be nice to kids.

capitalism is fucking stupid

death to the american healthcare and political system

so this is how liberty dies. with thunderous applause- padme amidala. she had a point, y'know. and,,, i hate that fuckinnnn 4chan squirrelfuckers have taken this quote and fucked it.

get angry.

this last little part of the site is dedicated to my partner in time, arson.

i love you so fucking much, holy shit. i can't believe you're mine, and i wanna spend forever with you. i never thought i'd be so lucky to have someone like you, and there isn't a second where you aren't in my head. i want the world to know how happy you make me. i love you so much.
-with love from your partner in crime. <3